The Firm

Breathing Wall Architects is an architecture and Interior firm based in Coimbatore , Tamilnadu , was established by Anand Babu kutakavil and Sangeetha Vasanth in 2011

Design Approach

We believe that a meticulous placemaking-led design process is the key to ensuring the success and maximising the economic and social value of projects at every scale – from a small residential complex to a high raise buildings.

The places we design are people focused and have a clear aspiration, enhancing and adding meaning to the activities they contain, be that shopping, relaxing, learning, living or working. Places with a clear identity generate a strong sense of place, which stimulates our deep-rooted desire to feel a sense of belonging to and connection with our environment.

By adopting a repeatable, meticulous and robust design process we ensure that a clear vision is integrated in every project.